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Dear my lovely readers,


I made this post because I need your help. I am looking for voluntary translator since I often have difficulties when I meet Japanese or Korean article.

So, the qualifications are:

  • Be able to translate Korean or Japanese or Chinese into English or Bahasa.
  • And if you are Boice, you are most welcome and become my first priority.
  • If you are not into the site, that is no matter because mainly I am looking for translator.
  • Another point if you are active on twitter.

Is there any one of you willing to help me?

Show your interest by leaving me a comment(s) or reach me on twitter @lanhudiee.

I am waiting for our team work.


Best Regards,

Tara Lee


My project, The Stars hopefully will ended up here sometime in the near future. Joining my wonderful guys to make the world of the innocent kids better!

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Wu Yifan, Somewhere Only We Know Indonesian Movie Premiere Survey

Wu Yifan, Somewhere Only We Know Indonesian Movie Premiere Survey

tara lee:

Calling all of Wu Yifan’s fans, please help us and join our survey, thank you

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Hello Meigeni Indonesia dan Meigeni International.

Mengantisipasi penayangan perdana film pertama Wu Yifan, Somewhere Only We Know, kami, ingin mengajak Meigeni Indonesia untuk berpartisipasi dalam sebuah survey yang kita adakan.

Seperti yang kita tahu, Somewhere Only We Know akan tayang perdana Valentine tahun depan dan untuk sementara yang pasti HANYA AKAN TAYANG DI CHINA. Kami selaku Meigeni tentu ingin ikut serta mendukung dan meramaikan penayangan film tersebut. Hanya saja tak mungkin kita semua pergi ke China untuk nonton film kan?

Nah, disini kami mengadakan survey untuk meminta pihak produser untuk menayangkan Somewhere Only We Know di bioskop di Indonesia.
Disamping itu untuk semua voters, mohon menulis comments di comments box, panjang comments tak lebih dari 100 kata. Kami tunggu vote dan comments kalian sampai tanggal 15 October. Kami akan mengirimkan comments kalian ke pihak produser.

Peraturan VOTE dan COMMENT

  1. Pesan singkat padat dan jelas tentang seberapa ingin kalian menonton…

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Somewhere Only We Know Behind the Scene (from Hotel U Zlatých nůžek)

Somewhere Only We Know Behind the Scene (from Hotel U Zlatých nůžek)

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Shooting of a new Chinese film “Somewhere Only We Know”

The new Chinese romantic film called “Somewhere Only We Know” with a famous Chinese star Xu Jing Lei and popular singer Wu Yifan (called Kris) was shoot above all in Prague′s Old Town and beautiful Lesser Quarter. Few parts were shoot as well at our hotel, in the Prague Castle View Room.



Source Hotel U Zlatých nůžek

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Wu Yifan the Celebrity Magazine Caps

Wu Yifan the Celebrity Magazine Caps



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HD Caps by 大钰的意中人是个盖世英雄

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Musing, #PrayforGaza #StopChildrenViolance while Waiting for Peace in Kingdom of Heaven

I think this is nothing but maybe also something. It maybe quite late as well, but I think it better than nothing.

It’s been week and my little brothers and sisters there, in Gaza were still suffering. Sometimes I think they were proud to be chosen one and born in Palestine, carrying boulder to protect and guard the land Allah had promised to Muslim but when it comes to humanity, it was not very good sight to see children suffering with trauma and physical pain. They’re just innocent kids who deserved to be happy.

According to UNICEF Palestine there 73 children killed and 367 injured in Gaza. It was very heart breaking to see those children suffering but nothing I can do but praying.

Be strong my brothers and sisters, heaven is await for you so keep on smile and belief that Allah is never forget his promised. Let’s wait for the peace comes to the kingdom of heaven eventually.


EXO Kris, When Tears Can’t Stop Falling

EXO Kris, When Tears Can’t Stop Falling


In the past few days with unclear fog under your circumstances right now, I have no mood to follow any of EXO updates. I know the rest of the members trying their best to pull their long awaited concert with the best they can.

Seeing FA or any story about it, I can’t help but wishing some miracle and I see your airport picture for you to comeback to them.

Today is also Suho’s birthday, imagining how hard his situation right now, I seriously want to punch you for being jerk. How come you let him being single parent?

Dear Wu Yifan, your wife surely missing you in her birthday and so your 10 kids.

Did you know I don’t have a heart to watch EXO’s concert message? ‘Cause it seriously bad feeling to see your item was pulled out, or your poster being photoshopped, as if it’s already confirm that you’re really leaving. Because I almost fly there just to see you for the first time. Who knows things will end up this way.

Because surely, I wish there ‘Waddup I’m Kris from Galaxy’

But I know very clearly, there no more Galaxy on EXO as well as Fanfan.

I think, I’m not the only one who miss the Galaxy here. And how come I’m not tearing up seeing this picture proudly expanded on my twitter?


This Panda surely miss you very much Mr. Galaxy.

And I really am miss you Fanfan.

I hope wherever you are right now, you will always be happy and healthy. Because when you’re happy, you will smile and your smile the most beautiful sight in the whole galaxy.


Photo Credit Becca and Stef

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