A lot of time that I wondering myself. Probably I could never forgive him, at all. There has many times I have been trying to get this as reality, but everytime I saw them outhere, raced against each other. I just feel that this circumstance is utterly unfair. Even more, when I see you really calm as though nothing had happened in fact somebody had ruined your dream!
I know and understand pretty clearly, any accident could appear without warn on the board, or stuff would went opposite. But why? Why it was you, again and again. Why the disaster keep happen when we finally find our way to get everything better? Why it seems so easy to talk that everything gonna be okay after all, when sombody else throw our dream away right under our nose?
It’s almost a month, I hardly trying to swallow it and couldn’t accept, still. Moreover, your things went slower as it expect before. It’s hard to believe that it’s our best friend who ruin our dream. Friend who firstly supposed us and hand in hand in the way to reach the goal as team, whoever would win at the end. But if they leave us with broken dream and force us to be side line, then, could me call them friend, still?


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