This controversy appeared out when FIM announced that event will be held as planned. Some say yes but a lot of people say no. Most of reasons they refuse is radiation thing.

Yeah, this true and it is not the simple thing, radiation is the most scarry stuff to think about. But lets think with cool head and not only from the one side.

I thought all the big man down the office, Japanesse Gov, FIM and the officers surely had long discussion, observation and sort kind of that before finally decided that race will goes on. I do not think if they full of brave to risking hundred thousands people lifes, as we all know this event not only riders or crews in, but also the spectators. So if they claim is save and clear, I think it does. However they know about this thing very well than us. What the point to be affraid for, then? As long as we do not crossing what their directions are, I think will be fine.

Some also said that having race in that place does not really help them. True, this opinion also true, definately. Sometimes it sounds unappropriate to have race series in the place who suffering, motoGP is expensive sport, though. May be it looks wiser to donate the cash to the victims rather than spend it just for champagne.

Once again, have you ever think from the other side? From the business view for instance. They need to prove to the people all around this planet is Japan still save to be visited. If they still save to do business, whatever it is. Japan not only Fukushima, right? Even today, Sendai, one of the place that suffering from tsunami, held the annual festive.

Do you see? It is like normal. My visit in Tokyo at the end of last month prove it. They working, hanging out or simply spent their time in the park, just as usual. Waitress I had been chat, shared her thought, that everything is submerged but life goes on. The cottages owner also said, what he wish the most is the tourism business will soon back after kolaps due tsunami and nuclear crisis. Of course, the goverment never stop to recovering the place, to make sure their country not as dangerous as people see on TV.

Then I thought, if they could move on, why do this race need to be cancel? Japan is home for Honda and Yamaha who wellknown the king of motoGP and this season both of them fight against each other to chase down the championship. It is hard to believe that they refuse to go to their ‘really’ home.

Well, it is my opinion about this controversy, lets see what happen on Oct 2nd.


comments are most welcome

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