I starting to write again, when I feel my head is about to blowing up. I have no idea with all these stuff that happening in these recent period. I wondering myself why my family had change in this way, not in the better way but to the worst one. They just like cold ice who stabbing each other.

It’s funny.

I thought they will change with the time passes by, but I was wrong. I know better know, and they claim that they still loved each other. Love? I think that’s under a big question mark. Love, I don’t think so, or even if that’s right, then I’m in doubt I could understand the way love running.

The old man said, parents should stick together with their children no matter what, but for me there are time I thought it will good enough if I’m away from them or the better, I never born. They always proud to tell people how hard for them to stick together, how they beg their parents to blessed their unblessing marriage, how hard they tried to survive. I did realized how hard my childhood but it’s okay, due it also advantage for me to face this competitive world. I think my expectation is beyond the reality itself. And that’s people see, good kids in the surrounding, a cozy happy family. A cozy happy family, what a big joke. People never know what happening inside.


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