Today you’ve come and gone through my heart a dozen times

Even though you’re a risk to me

Now I can’t stop it

Because it is like that all day long

And even tomorrow the loneliness will remain like yesterday again

Eventhough my heart is broken, I’ll smile like this

Beause this is the happy thing I’ve ever seen

Eventhough the tears I choke back don’t know my feelings

If it is for you, then I am alright

To not know loneliness and tears is a tough experience

If I am tired of being sad

If I am hurt by hatred

I don’t realize it but I may lose you

Don’t you know

If I can’t see you a second time

I’ll be like I can never see anything

Eventhough I open my eyes, it seems like they are closed

And I am walking in the darkness

I wanna hold you, I wanna love you

Until the day my chest can’t be worn thin

It’s okay if I throw out all my remaining wishes

I am given just one wish for just one person

And if that person is you, then I’ll feel grateful



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