When rain pouring heavy
And you felt so alone
It is the time that you think
All the good stuff disappear
It also when something comes overwhelming
Sometimes its too painful
And you want to stop
Just stop
Then you deny it
You runaway and believing something else
Something you thought more relieving
We all know that the past
Its not only the time who passes by with no meaning
At all
Just remember
Close your eyes
Let it gone through your vein
Let it rush inside
And at the moment you open your eyes
You will see
Butterflies flying around
Fireflies bring a light of hope
And leaves started changing their color
You will hear dew drops to the ground
Lullaby of breezy spring wind
Smell of the grass
Clear blue sky above
What a beautiful bright sun’s shine
Those are all gift a happy memories
And you should thank for that
For the air you breathe
For the extraordinary world you see
For all the things in your hands


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