Do you know why the Moon always surounded by the Star?
It because the Moon always feeling lonely
And if you wondering, why does she lonely while alot of kind adore her
Simple, she knows pretty clearly that all hers not actually belongs to, even though she surounded by million sparkling stars, she understood the difference
The Star has his own, the same reason why he always gives his bright smile no matter what and that contrary to the Moon
The Moon, she full of darkness and unenchanting
Although the Moon spends most of her time with sadness and loneliness, the Star never give up on her
The Star keep his spot beside the Moon and put wide bright smile on his face still
The one and only who makes the Moon cherry is the Sun but the Moon and the Star realize the only Sun heart is belongs to the Earth, that is undoubtedly
Untill one day, the Moon dying, none could help but the Sun yet he doesn’t know what to do, though
The Earth is the Sun true love, the one and only shows him the beauty but fragile the Moon needs him most
To gives a new strenght and little hope, they have been together for a long time too
The Sun knows, wherever he leaves, the Earth will always waiting every morning for him to rising up, to warm the cold heart and to give a new life
It hard to decided
If the Sun gives his only heart to the Moon, he and the Earth will die and the Star and the Moon will suffer
However, the Moon is one part of the Earth, so she can’t forgive herself if the Moon suffering
That is why, every night the Earth staying alone in the darkness when the ray’s of the Sun can’t reach her
Its okay to see the Moon shiny, though
And the Star? He never stop accompanying the Moon no matter what
When the Moon on her most bright time or when the Sun leaves and gives his only heart to his true lover, the Earth, leaving darkness and loneliness to the Moon
The Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the Star are stuck in the complicated destiny, creating a long circle can’t be cut off to release them
No matter how hurt or that dying almost take their broken soul, they will stick together
To repeat every pain, to recall every good moment
They will always be, until the exhausted and finally quit
Forever and ever


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