It’s been a week since I locked my self and hide away
Even the day remain like yesterday again
As the sun rises on the east every morning and sets down on the west when evening beats the light
I ever hope, by the time gone away, I could forget all the bad things I have in these recent days
Many times I wonder my self, if only I have one more day to fight or swearing each other, then I will
But after that day I realize, if no more time left for the last saying goodbye, for me and so everyone
I thought, it’ll be okay time after time, but it didn’t
You’ve been follow me like a shadow
I’m afraid to read or hear everything people said with his, the main reason I disconnected with the world, hoping that someday he will popping up like nothing happen, just like usual
Stupid thought!
I would like to thank you for everyone around that never leave me on my own during this hard time
Thank you very much for staying with me, thank you
And I am deeply sorry if I’m worry you with my disappearance
I’ve been trying to find a way how to take this reality
I also experience high fever for couples of days, but it’s okay, it’s only my usual weather shock due to the fast movement in differ typical weather, the grief also took part in my sick
Today, when finally I make my first appearance, the circumstance wasn’t as bad as I ever thought
I’m glad by people affection and I thank you for that
Now, I think I could pass this weekend with cold head and relieve, even may be still a bit pain there
But I believe I can!


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