Sometimes, in this life there are people or things we shouldn’t know
It isn’t improper but it shouldn’t and only hurting surrounding
Just like you and me
It would be thousands times better if we never meet
In the past or for now
So we aren’t sending troubles for another
But, gazing you this time
I realize one thing
Still there has people who love me as much as I never thought before
And he will waiting on that long
Somebody who does care nothing as his love consequences
Due for him Love is like camera flash light
It will blinding
Put us unable to see but the light it self
It also like when we are stand up in the darkness
We can see nothing but if it blackout from the start
Then we used to
Unfortunately love doesn’t work that way
Because we don’t know it will comes to who and when
I don’t know what love is
But one thing
I know for sure
I thought I will quite regret if ignoring what thing who comes to me right now
Maybe I’ve gone to long and too far away
If only you show me the way back home
I will
Until then,
Will you waiting for me?


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