Life is a movement
That’s about walking along
The street that never end
Sometimes you go straight
You cornering occasionally
Once or twice you face the U-turn
There are time you go ups and downs
But you have to keep moving
No matter what

Life is an transition
For you to growing up
Just like the baby with their cry
Kids have high curiosity
Teens face unstable emotion
Man and woman fight their life stuff
Old man trying to defeat the age
But, have you notice the time when it makes that transition?

Life is a change
With something who has gone
Never comes back to where it start
And the choice is move forward or to be leave behind
Lie upon our hands

Life is something precious
You know what,
The most expensive thing in the earth
Is a second ago
Nothing could pays the past
And turning the time back to the old days
Is just an imagination
Time is running on and made you to follow
You keep stepping forward beyond your consciousness
By the time we look back
We’ll surprise with everything we’d done

Life is a journey
Time after time
Moment after moment
You could only moving forward
And no choice but keep walking through it
As it lies out for you

So, do not wish that the time will passes you hastily
Because every single second is gift!


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