Yesterday one child had asked me,
‘Lee, what is your resolution this year?’
At that time I answer without thinking,
‘My resolution? I wanna make up my failure last year.’
‘That’s all?’
‘Yeah that’s all.’

Then, when I came back to the hotel, I remember that conversation and I start to thinking. I review what I had said to that kid.
“I wanna make up my failure last year.”
What is my failure?And suddenly I laughing.

Before I talk about my failure I supposed to review my achievement first. But what is my achievement? I have no idea.

All I have today totally kind of daydreaming. All those tours, meet fabulous and wonderful people around the world that sometimes meet them just like a dream for, visiting different countries and so on.
Those kind of life more like a dream than a reality. And one moment I need to open my eyes and realize that it only a dream, no more. I remember on one of the Avril’s song, my head was up in space and I need come back down to earth.

The question is, how I have to come down? Harshly fell down? climbing down? Or just simply put my step one to another to walking down. Whatever it is, it’s the best way I have.

So I think this is my resolution,


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