I open my eyes
For a moment I was blinding by the sunlight
Oh it’s morning
A different day has come
Again and again
Yet still
I lost of track what the day is today
And I,
I don’t know what had happening
I thought we were just talking
But when I woke up
I found we are staying apart
Ocean away
It’s seems nothing
And this beautiful city has begun their life
As I am seeing from above
Sun shines as it did yesterday
Breezy wind gently blows through my window
The world just moves as it supposed to
There’s changing in anyway
When I’m about to starting the day
I’m trying to figure our mistakes out
That’s just like ocean of sand
Looking pretty but hurting
For the feet to step on it
I step up to the top
Feel the wind on my own
My life moves to the new way
Supposed to face a differ direction
I hope otherwise though
But how?
Something change can’t going back to where it started
Although the broken glass has leave the scar


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