That day was the first spring day
Everyone was out to enjoy cherry blossoms
Beautifully blooming among the start melting snow
That day was the first ever I met you
The slant eyes almost closed whenever you’re laughing
The dimples that appear if your lips in smile

In the middle of the crowd, I catch you up there
With guitar in your hand
You’re sing a song
But when I listen it closely, it’s a sad love song
I wonder is all about us? Is all about the past?

Cherry blossoms, you’re blooming finely
Just like a heart crush lovely
Spring day, you warm the season honestly
My heart beating and stopping oddly
How I suppossed to handle this rightly
I thought I’d decide it harshly
And now I overcome regretly

First day of spring is always joyous
Just like wonderful blooming cherry blossoms
Standing beautifully along the river bank
Some vivid pictures formed next to me
It seems so real again and suddenly takes me back there
To the time that ever belong to us

Again, that song ringing in my head
Lead my feet to put one in front of another
Before I realize
I stepping in to our memories
A sad love song
I wonder about you, I wonder about us

Rain and music keep the memories still
Cherry blossoms, they keep our love alive
And now you’re standing next to me
With your usual smile
on the first day of spring, among the wonderful blooming cherry blossoms


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