That finger were the one who wiped my tears
That face was always made me laugh
That arms were always hold me tight
You, you were the one who keep pop up any moment

The days come and go as it did yesterday
I’m here again and again just what I was
Wondering what you mean to me
Counting how much your absence cost my day

I thought the day comes bright still
But the cloud seems cover up he happiness
I thought the moon will shine still
But the sun seems refuse to gives the light

This nightfall I’m hoping will stays longer
This reality I wish not to be true
This sleepless I am would prefer to hold the dream
I am, yeah I am the one who always hoping you here any moment

The night has replace the day as it did yesterday again
I’m thinking in silent fos many times
This is the price I need to pay for
Selfisness and stone-hearted I am has demolish my pride

I thought I’ll be alright on my own
But it seems still needing somebody to talk to
I thought love will cost me nothing
But It looks I do wrongdoing here

Sudden memories hitting right on my face
It slapping to wake me up, to realize
It was you who give me your all
My late notice deliver a huge wound

Hidding my face between my kness
Hardly knowing what to say or do
Just hoping you will notice my mistake
Do you know that I’m really sorry?


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