Do you ever think why I crush on you badly?
I do, so many times, even every time I take my breath
Trying to figure out how to get rid your shadow
Or how I live my day without you in my mind

I’ve done everything and it brings nothing
Still I can’t find out the answer
You just become very contagious disease to me
Infecting my brain and bite me inside piece by piece
However the only and one great medicine is you

Just seeing you smile then the misty day will fade away
It just to stare at you then my day turn shiny

I don’t need you loving me as much as I do
Just let me love you in the way I do
I don’t asking you doing good to me like I do
Just let me looking after you like I wanna do
I don’t wish you right by my side all the time
Just let me staying up whenever you need something to grip to

I don’t wanna see your tears so let my finger wipe it
I need nothing but you
I want nobody but you, you, only you

Do you ever think why I’m act so fool?
I do, so many times, it’s when I think of you
You never treat me as your somebody but friend
Or doing bad tm me when I cheat you in my back

I don’t wanna see you feeling blue so let me be your shelter
I need nothing but your one smile
I want nothing but your one smile, smile, just a smile


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