It’s raining
I wake up suddenly in the real dead ot the night
Some plunks outside is annoying
Through my windows I see in the distance
It’s raining, yes it is

I was just thinking
What will you tell me with this rain
‘Cause I just thinking of you

How you stand beside me
But you just like ocean away
How you cry in your song
But it always for somebody else
How everything I’ve done for you
Just too hard to touch your heart
And how the rain never gets us closer

It’s late at night
I play my guitar in my lonelliness
Some plunks outside is annoying
Through my windows I see in the distance
The rain has come again
It’s raining, yeah it is

It remembered me
Always right after the rain falling
The sky above seems even more clear
And I just thinking of you

Just a little hope for someday
That presence is for me
That smiling gaze are for me
And that song you sing along is just for me
So I will never play my guitar alone

A loner

Went back home again
It was quite and silence
Threw myself into a ‘bedhug’
It’s first time I felt this lonely
Wanting somebody come to find me

None seems to sense my appearance
Nobody really cared about me
Nothing makes them
Searching for
Looking for

Back to this place again
It’s lonesome and painfull
Threw myself into this silence
It’s first time to be feel solitude
Wanting somebody come to cure this feeling

Maybe I am loner
But this loneliness hurting me so much
And I wanna scream aloud
Trying to find somebody cares
Just screaming aloud and hurts like hell
Is there anybody there?!?!?!


The day had changed day by day
Time just glided away from me
People still talking about this year
They said it’s a golden year
Keep talking if this mine
Then, hope starting build up them self

I was fear to face these damn thing
Cause I don’t wanna down anymore

Everything going messy
All out of my control
I’m asking for the good times
But the bad times seems remain unbeaten

Everything still messy
And I don’t know how to make it up
I just asking for a chance
But it seems a big hole next to me

Blue skies but the sun isn’t coming out
Look like I’m standing under heavy cloud
Brush my hair and screw it up
I’m out of my mind
And it’s annoying me like hell
I know I can’t face the world through a mirror