Hey, who is he?
Who is the guys who screw up my head?
I don’t know
But there are another one, another one and another one
Oh Godness it just crazy

His side teeth is the real charm
His dimples and lips are so sexy
His smiling face just a real baby
His face present the actual beauty
Oh they just make me going dizzy

Hey who are they?
Who are the guys who rock my icy heart?
A new one
But they made themselves and play and sing
Oh Godness it just madness

His song is the real spell
His singing has strange sensation
His beats just stop my heart
His moves sometimes exaggerated
Oh they just make me screaming a loud

How could they did this to me
How come they came without notice?
How could they turn my world up side down
How come I control my self
Please tell me who are they


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