In the very early morning
When only the shadows in the ceiling
The sun have not been rise yet
Dark grey blue in my sight
I woke up from my dream
Dream about the guy who recently followed
Even he will never know about me,
About how much I care
About how much his appearance really meant to me
To be honest, I am the kind of young woman who has such a fairy tale imaginations
Like a good-looking and very kind prince with his white horse come to rescue me
Loving me ever after and protect me from harm
But when I look around then I realized
There’s no such a thing in this world
In the real world
This is only a big dumbly fool of fantasy
And so,
This thing makes my fear about love, about relationship getting stronger day by day
I do not want to live in this such a lies
But at the same time I have no brave enough to face this cruel world


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