Several Kind Of Meet

Several kind of meeting who bring joy in our life
Meets who likes……..

It’s kind and beautiful,
No doubt everyone loves it.
But remember,
Rose is thorny,
So that bring us tears and pain when we get hurt.
It’s mean we need to be treated with a great caution.

It’s seems dangerous but once we can handle,
It will help so much and make our life more easy.
Fire can help to warm our life up.

It’s usual and looks nothing special.
But don’t rule it into count.
‘Cause the sun always comes without request,
And never stop to light up the dark
Giving new life
That’s sign of eternal life
Effort not to giving up for anything

It’s seems doesn’t special enough
There’s something we didn’t realize
It will wipe our tears when we are crying
Make some nice look in our dress
And it will be the first aid when we are upset
‘Cause it always stay inside our pocket,
Who will follow whenever we’ll traveling around………

What kind of meet you already seen???????


comments are most welcome

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