SPICE (Henry diary)

Probably I just an old fashioned photo album. No matter how worth it was, it just two dimension of paper who unable to pop up and showing the figure. It may open but it’s all. The place to keep memories alive. The book who looked special but fade away by the time goes by. In the end, the only thing left to do is close and put it somewhere unreachable.


Sometimes we need tears to relieve pain
Do you know tears existence is to protect a fragile heart?
If crying today then no more crying tomorrow
Because it throwing sadness away for the other moment

It’s ordinary
If falling when on the way reaching the dream
It’s ordinary
If crying when heart suffer with pain
It’s ordinary
If feeling down when it comes to disappointment

Sometimes we need rain to swept away the tears
Then, in wishful thinking it erase all the memories had made
Even it too sweet to get rid but it can’t be contagious disease too
Becauseit isn’t easy to forget stuff beloved ones had done

posted by @tara_lee26