He comes again, but he just another spark light.
A brilliant and drives me crazy pretty easy.
I can’t help my self but to think of him.
Just the craziest thing I dreaming of.
And it’s crap if I think I’m okay.
Because it definitely not!
He just becomes very contagious ilness that biting me inside little by little.
Strange thing is, I just let it grows in my mind.
I wonder how I refuse his charm.
He offer all I dreamed, stuff I imagine so desperately.
Stars, beautifully and powerful love song.
So all he has then spreading it all over the world.
He seems quite real when he standing next to me, but when I open my eyes…
I realize that it must be the one of the finest dream!


People come and go like leaves falling in the fall
Then it comes back greenery in the spring
The crimson heaven, a golden paradise
I’d like to know if the dream could be one those fallen leaves
‘Cause I wanna be so

Seasons change and the day passes by leaving nothing
I notice that everything stays the same as it used to be

Seeing the sun rising I realize how the thing always has another hope
Seeing the sun sets down I know sometimes we should set down the hope
Looking for the day I can singing along my dream
Searching for the time I can running along my dream

Dream comes and leaves me as the morning beats the dark solitary night
And I still remember the detail
The crimson heaven, a golden paradise
If only reality I have could be one of the splashing dream
‘Cause I wanna be so

posted by tara_lee26