The day wasn’t cloudy, actually
The sun shine bright, it’s a good day
But now I shed treardrops in silent
Not even I have thought that today will be tough
You give the strap back to me and take your steps away
Release my hand who tries to hold you

Keep wondering myself
Why do you this to me
You said I’m the only one you love
That your heart will never change
But now go away
Leaving me alone in puzzle
You even never tell me why
Do you know I still wonder why?

Year passes and the season changes
Time stretched without realizing that the day has change
But I’m still here in the past
Not even just one day I could take a step forward
The strap I keep on watching whenever I miss you
How I wanna hold your hand as used to

I wonder how I find a way to go on
How I find a way to leave you behind to face the future
‘Cause you just stuck in my mind all the time

posted by tara_lee26


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