Silver Doe and Crying Earth

Once upon time, in the deep green forest there lived a beauty and kind Doe who has bright fur and brain too. She nicknamed to be Silver Doe as result. Beside her bright brain she also likes travel to discover new thing.
One day she sets off from her lovely home to make a journey. She has no idea where exactly her destination is instead to follow where her step takes to.
To the other day she arrived at surprisingly barren hill. No trees nor bushes, seemingly all the trees already cut down. The weather is quite hot and the wind is dry and dusty. She tries to get some water as she getting so thristy but the river as dry as the place next to her.
She fell into her knees, she is very upset with the surrounding, it doesn’t like her home that green and pure.
‘Why this place becomes so bad?’ cried Silver Doe’s heart.
A moment or so she heard another crying near by. Silver Doe looks around and trying to find the voice’s source. She looks agast and stare at her feet to the earth underneath.
Here it is, the crying’s source, the earth, that is the earth who cries.
‘Why do you cry?’ asked Silver Doe slowly.
‘The same reason as you do, don’t you see what I’ve become right now? It pains me, my body is quite hot and dusty and when the rain comes it washing away my soil.’ Replied The Earth sadly.
‘Who has done this?’ Again Silver Doe asking The Earth.
‘Human, they cut down the trees, doing whatever they wanna do without thinking, you see, my creatures all gone, my forest too leaving myself alone.’ Explain The Earth with such an angry voice.
Silver Doe hardly knowing what to does or says.
She took a deep breath and asking for third times.
‘What can I do for you?’
The earth shook he head and replied, ‘Nothing,’
That was a silent moment between them. Silver Doe thinking hard to try to find a way helping The Earth.
After a long pause, Silver Doe got up to her feet and saying, ‘Where I can see them? Human. I will try to talk to them.’
‘I’m not sure, but will they listen to you?’ asked The Earth.
Silver Doe smiling, ‘I don’t know but I’ll give it try and tried best.’
Then Silver Doe start to climbing down through barren hill and determined to see human to talk about The Dying Earth and of course to see sunshine where a new hope begin.

Posted by tara_lee26