I don’t understand myself lately. My mind just blank as if nothing there and I thought exactly nothing! There’s nothing occure to make something.
Those who usually can cheer me up also never work! Sometimes just by few words then I could create something good but this recent week, it just nothing. I stuck in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end.
Last night was the happiest time for me, I supposed. But now realize is not. The excitement I felt last night is unnecessary and that just fake feeling who help me nothing in all my way.
What do I do now?


At night when shadows fall
Somewhere in the sky
It just clear blue of watered ink
Stars gleaming
The moon is smiling

When daybreak bell rings
It’s the only time I could see you here
Touching you just like the way you are
Holding your hand and never let you go

When the sun comes to beat the night
And dawn turn into morning light
Time is up and wear back the mask
Then slipped away into the crowd

Time is coming around and round
Just like the sun who rises and sets down in the horizon
Everything still the same
Nothing change to make any difference
Because life is repetition