The day was silent and chilly

Gloomy sky and drizzling outside

There was no cheeriness in this twilight

Merely desperation mirroring in this cold

The sun narrowly vanish in to the horizon


I see a tiny butterfly curl up behind the leaves back

Cover up her self from the wild world

Trying to survive in her tough path

In this big world, her presence likes unknown

As I notice, that no one has attention to her


Suddenly, out of nowhere

Wind coming relentlessly to her

She was shaking, trembling, but she has no fear

All she needs just a chance

A chance to make up her self to fight the world


Once I see her closely

It realize me that she no longer beautiful

She was hurt, deep, really it was

Leaved behind a scars

As that hurt cannot be, mend


I was just wondering

What she will do for her life?

When everybody used to see her beautiful life?

Her customary to pretending if her life is okay

posted by tara_lee26


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