It was one fine spring day when this chat happen among The Body, The Heart and The Doctor.
The body told that his body feels a bit unwell, he asked The Doctor whether he could help to heal or not.
‘Of course I can help to heal you, that is why I’m called The Doctor, I’m the one when people think about seeking help to heal their sick body.’ Answered The Doctor.
‘What about me? I have some bad feeling too. Can you help to spare myself?’ Asked The Heart.
Unexpectedly The Doctor shook his head and saying,
‘There is nothing I could do for you, you know what, if The Body gets hurt, I can give you an injection or treatment sometimes surgery too but if The Heart gets hurt, I can’t do those for you. No injection could spare you from that feeling or special treatment needed, even surgery can’t save you. You know, I can’t just open your heart and take away that feeling. So Heart, if you get hurt, you have to heal your self because no one can’t help. That’s also the reason for everyone has their own ways to heal their broken heart. May be listen to their favourite music, reading a book or drawing, or may be went to the place who has nice view, but the worst is when you just keep that pain silent.’

posted by tara_lee26