Autumn comes too early this season
As the great dream fade away
Pulling things down to the road
Away there

Somewhere in the bright place
A holy place where the angels and the devils flying around
Ones caught by the devils
Bury his temptation dream
Ones flying high on the angel’s wings
Crowning to be a king

I could see his face
Winning face to game over
Finish off everyone’s dreams
Take all the beauty
Spread all the strength
Going through beyond the destiny

Honestly, hope still alive
Chance still has a door to open
Opportunity still let us to coming through
And tomorrow will be brighter than today



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When I see your presence
My things just becomes fine
For all I knew
You will not leaving
And being here forever

When I see your smile
My world will be good enough
Because I know
You will always stand by my side
And look after me

When I see your eyes
My days will be okay
For all I knew
You will give me a bright sunlight
And beautiful flowery kind of life


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Sitting alone
Listening a love song
Things becomes uncertain
Seemingly something goes wrongStart to think
But still could not get it
Life I have been through
Seemingly something goes wrongHow it supposed to be
I just more confused
It is not kind of life I want to be
I want to fit my wings and fly away
My dreams are too far away a head
I just want to stand by your side
Singing and dancing with youBack to hear you are singing
My dream just flying even far
Is this become a reality?
It seemingly is not an happenstance

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I am falling
The sun is nowhere in sight
Fall to this broken dream
I am suffocating
The air is gone away
Send the dream out-of-the-way

Can you hear me?
This desperation sinking the dream
Deep to the bottommost
When remorse couldn’t take it back
And fill up this offspring with sin

Can you hear me?
The scream in the dead of the night
Disrupted the nightly silent
When nothing could catch the fear inside
And lead the offspring into the light

I am drowning
This voice tailed away
As the warrior vanish away
I am hiding
Twisting in the misty night
As the dream whispering to leave

Only this voice I wanna hear
Only this dream I wanna hold
Only this sky I wanna be at
Only this way I wanna step in

Can you hear me???

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I search inside
But nothing could be found
Trying to keep those strength stand
‘Cause it seems no air for me to breathe
The space shrinking gradually
Set me up in between dream and reality

I hope to find you
Wherever you are
I hope to see you
To take a glance a little
I hope to hold you
So I know I’m not alone

These angel’s voice
Please don’t disappear
Don’t leave me without hope
Bring me a slit of light
A warm bright of sun’s rays
These angel’s smile
Please don’t disappear
Don’t leave me without love
Give me a reason to holding on
‘Cause I start losing colour

I’m running away
But I come back here again
Searching for the road to get away
‘Cause it’s looks still in the same sky
I found nowhere near
(Still) Set me up in between dream and reality

I hope to catch you
Then lead me the way
I hope to touch you
And give me a little bravery
I hope to hear you
So I know I’m still alive

The angel comes with brilliant light
Shining bright as its wings protect my wish
The angels
Just please don’t disappear

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Dear God
How are you today?
I feel all alone
So I was wondering, will you be my companion?
Today, one of my friend was leaving
He leaves as he comes
That’s all people said
But I don’t understand
Why I am different
Why we are all different
Living in the middle of the crowd
And waiting for the stranger to pick us up

Dear God
Do you have an answer for me?
Yesterday, I saw one of us crying
Holding an old picture
Then I wondering
Why I can’t have one?
They said every death will live up in the sky
Above there
And turn into the shining star
Sparkling bright as they watching the living
Then I wonder too
Is there any star watching at me from there?

Dear God
Sometimes I feel it’s not fair
For I never know who I am
Or where I came from
Every night when I gazing to the star
Trying to figure out the mistery
But no hope to find the answer
They just twinkling
Not speaking nor laughing
And gazing me back in silent
Aren’t you one of those?
Or I just came from the cracking stone?

Dear God
Can you please give me an old picture?

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this post I dedicated to those who trying to figure out who their parent is.


It’s all about the dreams
Who annoying in every night sleep badly
It’s all about the chances
Whom I keep missing when it approaching
It’s all about the desire
Who blowing me inside time after time

None knows what’s going on
‘Cause it seems to be as usual
Doing and spending time simply with nothing
They never know
I’ve change inside
I’ve taken step for my stage

But what do they know?
I’ve no trouble to tell
There’s nothing to be a story
It’d better if continues the way
What do they know?
I ain’t trouble to change their mind
The way to think of me
And I just let as it was

It’s all about the time
Whom I need to step in through
It’s all about the confidence
For me to build my self better
It’s all the faith
Whom I have to keep on going

Up to the very end

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I always wondering
How does it feel
When there warm hand holding me up
Wiping my tears
And said everything is gonna be alright

I always curious
How does it feel
When there somebody who can be to talk to
Just like friend
And said I can talk to her everything

She is the one I miss the most
The one I wanna know very much
Even just an old picture
I please just to meet her
If the day becomes too tough to be alone
That only the star I gazing at
She’s the one I need the most

I was wondering
How does it feel
When there figure to back me up
Protecting me
And said no need for me to be afraid

I always curious
How does it feel
When somebody held my hand
Walking together in the aisle
And he said I never wanna let you go

He is the one I miss the most
The one I wanna know very much
Even just an old picture
I please just to see him
If the day becomes too tough to be alone
That the only star I gazing at
He’s the one I need the most

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I don’t know her much, in fact I know nothing actually and my first interest toward her was because she duet with Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue. I never into korean music before, due to my first impression with korean music is pop-echo, dance group and something like that which is away from my taste.
But last night when I had meeting with my US staff and got some high tense during the time. One of them which surprise me despite her korean netizen, gave her i-pod and recomanded Everlasting Sunset for me to listen and to chilldown my mind. That’s a bit help though, then I listen to Illa Illa too, well, her song not quite in my favourite but she has a cool songs. Hear some accoustic guitar sound in it, remind me to Yui, which is one of my favourite. And if she also writes and composes herself then more applaus to her. It’s good for korean has another talent to be reqognised.
Keep it on in creating and colouring korean music. Juniel fighting!

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Don’t Spoil My Day

When I see it right under my eyes, it just lead my anger to come. Why it has to be there, when I almost forget it. It seems that I have to learn to be more patient, when it comes to my sucking life! A lot of the things who come to make laugh on me. Well, do it as you want, make your laugh as you wish but please leave me alone. And don’t wish for me to come in the thick of action. ‘Cause I’ll never be.