When I wake up in the morning
I see the sun shine so bright
Just asking myself
Am I still alive?

Standing alone in the crossroad
Don’t know how to face this cruel world
Irritating day
Am I still alive?

People walk by in the crowd
But things just become more vague
Isn’t anyone can help me up?
To talk to, shared the small thing
‘Cause I feel lonesome today

When I stop by in this street
I see bravery shining through the songs
Just asking myself
Do I have those bravery?

I wanna be like them
It’s matter of time for my turn
Only if keep working on my own
Never give up ’cause failure is always waiting
And back again whenever I fall

I will and wanna fly
Flying high and reach the dream
Flying high to the star

posted by tara_lee26


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