It sudden wake up in real dead of the night
When everything’s covers with blackout
Here I’m seeking of the light
Something I should to find out

Can you see I’m lost?
But I won’t stop searching
Can you see I’m in fear?
But I won’t dissolve facing
There’s nothing to be afraid for
‘Cause stars still there to shine

A stranger voice call me up from above
It was something I wanna hear badly
Here I am trying to fix the life
The thing I wanna change nicely

Can you see I’m bleeding?
But I won’t stop walking
Can you see I’m sweating?
But I won’t quit running
There’s nothing can pull me down
‘Cause this is just about do or die

Can you see I’m hurt?
But still I can holding back those pains
Can you see I’m in tears?
Still I can’t just giving up without fight
There’s nothing worth ’till I reach the sky
‘Cause this is only about to fly

I see the moon on the night sky
There, the dreams hanging up there
Do you see how beautiful it is?
Just hurry up, it waiting to be reached

posted by tara_lee26


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