Let’s Light Up Another Town!

It’s been long already, for not having such an excitement. I almost forget, the feeling when the blood rushing so intense through my vein. I almost forget the feeling when my fingers crossing tightly together.
It’s been long, not to see your light up the town smile.
Thank you, I thank you very much to giving me this. You know I really need something to rebuild my faith and confident in you.
I know, it really tough to fight when you know the person you trust the most losing faith in you increasingly. The one who supposed to stand steadily to back in you, step by step she pulling away.
I’m deeply sorry for having thought about to leave. I’m sorry not to trust in you. I’m sorry I ever had those feeling.
After today, I was sure that we aren’t second best but we are definately THE BEST!
Then let’s light up another town, still many though.


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