All I did in this recent day is pretending that I am okay

Even if the tears freeze in my cheeks

Even if winter did not roll into spring

Then I wish I could run away from my self

Leaving some reasons behind

Giving up to all the chances;

And closing the door

I was just wondering

Is too easy to run?

Is easier to give up?

Have  somebody notice me then?

Have then anybody care about me?

Do really they are?

What I get if I keep running?

I have no answers

It seems lying nowhere I ever know

I am lying here

Beneath the bitterness

When I turn off the light

When I close my eyes

Reality overcomes me

At last I realized

Once I give up

The dreams will fade away

Approaching nothingness

At the end

The only place that left for me just stage to act

Act to be somebody else

Having other ones life

Pouring their feeling as if mine

Life in this kind of lies


comments are most welcome

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