The doors were closed
There nothing but the darkness
Visible to see
The cressent moon, up there
Just a little help in the night sky
Gloomy, hopeless

The strings give discordant tones
As I played rashly
Unpleasant to listen to
The cat is gazing, there
Seems he making fun on me
Ah… Do you know if I’m confuse?

Trying to understand
Why so afraid to be myself
Disguising from the light
Hiding inside in the darkness
Never let anyone comes in
Those who trying to find me

Trying to gain more bravery
To face the thing I ought to
When it comes to the truth
And tell everyone exactly
But this still nowhere near
Then I step back again

When the mirror crushing down
The figure inside, break away
I see nothing but the darkness
(And I wonder)
I have myself back to me

posted by @tara_lee26


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