I don’t know her much, in fact I know nothing actually and my first interest toward her was because she duet with Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue. I never into korean music before, due to my first impression with korean music is pop-echo, dance group and something like that which is away from my taste.
But last night when I had meeting with my US staff and got some high tense during the time. One of them which surprise me despite her korean netizen, gave her i-pod and recomanded Everlasting Sunset for me to listen and to chilldown my mind. That’s a bit help though, then I listen to Illa Illa too, well, her song not quite in my favourite but she has a cool songs. Hear some accoustic guitar sound in it, remind me to Yui, which is one of my favourite. And if she also writes and composes herself then more applaus to her. It’s good for korean has another talent to be reqognised.
Keep it on in creating and colouring korean music. Juniel fighting!

Posted by @tara_lee26


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