It’s all about the dreams
Who annoying in every night sleep badly
It’s all about the chances
Whom I keep missing when it approaching
It’s all about the desire
Who blowing me inside time after time

None knows what’s going on
‘Cause it seems to be as usual
Doing and spending time simply with nothing
They never know
I’ve change inside
I’ve taken step for my stage

But what do they know?
I’ve no trouble to tell
There’s nothing to be a story
It’d better if continues the way
What do they know?
I ain’t trouble to change their mind
The way to think of me
And I just let as it was

It’s all about the time
Whom I need to step in through
It’s all about the confidence
For me to build my self better
It’s all the faith
Whom I have to keep on going

Up to the very end

posted by @tara_lee26


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