Dear God
How are you today?
I feel all alone
So I was wondering, will you be my companion?
Today, one of my friend was leaving
He leaves as he comes
That’s all people said
But I don’t understand
Why I am different
Why we are all different
Living in the middle of the crowd
And waiting for the stranger to pick us up

Dear God
Do you have an answer for me?
Yesterday, I saw one of us crying
Holding an old picture
Then I wondering
Why I can’t have one?
They said every death will live up in the sky
Above there
And turn into the shining star
Sparkling bright as they watching the living
Then I wonder too
Is there any star watching at me from there?

Dear God
Sometimes I feel it’s not fair
For I never know who I am
Or where I came from
Every night when I gazing to the star
Trying to figure out the mistery
But no hope to find the answer
They just twinkling
Not speaking nor laughing
And gazing me back in silent
Aren’t you one of those?
Or I just came from the cracking stone?

Dear God
Can you please give me an old picture?

Posted by @tara_lee26
this post I dedicated to those who trying to figure out who their parent is.


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