I see the dawn is cracking
A slit of golden light
Appearing on the skyline
There, away there
Somewhere between the day and night
There always a new hope for a new life

I see the sun shine
Bright with brilliant light
As the morning comes
Here, just here
Somewhere between hope and despair
There always has a way to go out

Just hold on
Keep the faith still
Put the smile on even tearing
Just believe
Don’t lose yourself
‘Cause there no laugh without crying
And all the pain will worth
Just hold on

Gazing up at the stary night sky
They are twinkling bright
As nightfall comes to late
Now, just now
Somewhere between the dark and light
Once you change your mind, there another doors to open

Keep your worry inside
See the swaying cloud
You’ll find a great light
It’s always there

Just hold on
Just hold on

posted by @tara_lee26


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