It’s just appeared out from nowhere
When I open my hands
Soared with the light
Can I have you here?
‘Cause it only my one hold
And I’ll come to fight

You’re my sunflower
My brightest sunshine
Brilliant light that stays forever

One last smile
A beautiful gift in grieve
When I have nothing
But all the misery
One last smile
A great reassuraction in despair
When I set up in fire
Turning myself into ashes
It just by one last smile

It’s just appeared out after the rain
When I raised my head
It came with beautiful magnificent
Will you stay for long?
‘Cause you’re all I need
And I’ll never give up for moment

posted by @tara_lee26


The dark comes without notice
I do stared in lonely
No star above
The light was gone

I wanna see myself
I wanna listen myself
I wanna hold myself

Can you see I’m in despair
Shouting out loud in to the silent night
But I supposed none hear me
Can you see I’m dying
Alone through the misty dawn
I so, notice none for accompany

It was cracking of daybreak
Gazing at gleaming light
With a little star
Tearing in silent

I wanna be found
I wanna be hug
I wanna be dreamed

posted by @tara_lee26