When the sun rose up in the horizon
It was a new day to go through
Gleaming with a new hope
Cheering its somber
Leaving away the long face

I’ll show you how far I could run
I’ll give you a reason to believe

You may hurt
You may fall
You may loss

But just think how to stand up
Raise your head up to see great blue sky
Where the cloud is swaying
And blue birds are flying
To get a hope where its spreading

When the wind-swept your face
It was something inside to get through
Pop up like fireflies
Throwing away your desperation

Just follow your heart without hesitation
Do what you wanna do without fail

Chasing in chaos
Standing at the crowd
Singing in despair

It was the day
When rainbows appearing
And blue bird singing
As the dream and hope come together
As one

posted by @tara_lee26