It’s when I wake up today
The sun is smiling
The trees are waving
Greet the new life for a new hope
Ah… Didn’t I realize the season has change?

It’s when I am here today
People walking by
And I just come by
Bring the dream along the day
Ah… Did I notice it’s already spreading

Waiting for the leaves falling
touched by the sunny breeze
The same smell of changing season
The beauty of the nature
Wanting the time to stop
Hoping it will stay the same

It’s when I come back home
The sun sits lower in the horizon
Golden rays blurring my eyes
Greet the unbreakable passion for keep on
Ah… Didn’t I realize it seems too hard to climb?

It’s when I close the night
The crescent moon is smiling
And the star is twinkling
Send the hope into beautiful dream
Ah… Didn’t I notice how bless I am?

Posted by @tara_lee26