We are live with plenty bless of feelings
Just like those smiles under the sunshine
When the leaves changing its color
Right its breaking free the branches
The wind blowing gently

Wanting to cry for the fallen leaves
‘Cause those are delicate
Wanting to smile for the last blooming flower
‘Cause the beauty is all needed

We are laugh for many occasions
But tears burn and beads in face
It’s when we realize; autumn already over
Crimson leaves leaved freezing in the ice
Twilight beats the day
As starry night sky approaching

Wanting to cry for this up and down
‘Cause those are the truth of life
Wanting to smile as the rain comes
‘Cause rainbow will here beautifully

Here is the beauty of crimson leaves
When it falls and flying by the wind
Here; the everlasting fall

posted by @tara_lee26


2 thoughts on “EVERLASTING FALL

  1. Hi. How are you.?

    Is the first time I’m coming to your blog and wanted to say that I enjoyed. I also enjoy writing and I’m opening a blog post.

    I hope one day we can talk. I would like very much.

    You are a Boice yes?

    • wah hi… Hello, welcome to black rose, a home for black butterfly whenever she tired and needs place to rest! 🙂
      thanks for appreciating my writing, i enjoy it a lot and more if other could enjoy it too!
      and yes, i can say if i’m boice, i like their musical tone.
      eh, please feel free if you wanna talk with me, i welcome a new friend, just follow my twitter @tara_lee26, so we can talking freely. i’m waiting, a new friend,
      again, welcome to black rose! Give me alot of feedback, ok..

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