It’s all about dream
Finest dream to fancy about
The only reason I’ve been here
Doing such a waste
Just believing inside

It’s all about passion
Strongest desire to keep on
Yet things doesn’t go smoothly
Hard to hold as it was
Just trying to keep on and on

Let’s sing for tomorrow
Where dream and hope creating harmony
For us to be cheery
This is the world
While smile spreading in the house
So put it on your face
Say it loud

Let’s sing for tomorrow
Where tears and blood strengthen its feet
For us to be steady
This is a sacrifice
While everything takes its price
Never say feeling down
Shout it loud

Let’s sing for tomorrow

It’s all about reality
Ordinary to be true
Where no existence of tales
Just be real
And take it as morning call

posted by @tara_lee26


I who silly by this dream
Running out of my breath
challenging myself
Keep up my feet to steady still
Even the pressure is hard enough

Sweat drops as reward
And tears come without request

I wanna fly up to the sky
The blue birds too
Touching the rainbows
I wanna fly beyond the destiny
With you
The sound of the heart
Tender voice of a dream

I who crazy by this obsession
Pushing hard to find the way
Searching another star
Figure else out inside
And back again even if have to fall again

Pain scratch in flesh
And blood rushing through the vein

I wanna fly through the wind
Cherry blossoms too
Rain of the pink petals
I wanna fly with the star
Embrace the dream
In spring’s melody
Musical twilight of hope

posted by @tara_lee26