Lee Jong Hyun, Teardrops In The Rain

I don’t know what happen actually despite this song is still there, on my play-list since I set it 3 years ago. And in the recent months, it is always theirs who I listen to but I never notice it before.
Is it because rain dropped outside my windows this nightfall? Yeah, it could be.
It was right when Teardrops In The Rain start to play, suddenly my ears catch something in Jonghyun’s voice, it’s like when he sang Get Away which I addict into lately or when he sang middle-up tempo songs.
My first impression toward Jonghyun was mellow guy as he loves to composed ballad song and probably that is the reason I pay less attention to his song. Yet I have one my favourite from him, Lie.
He gradually changed my perception on him once he composed Get Away which took my heart immediately. First time I listen to it, I just hope that he will composed many Get Away’s style in the future, although his ballad songs always deliver a romantic feeling. He actually fulfill my expectation when he composed Come On for their recent single.
And I dare say, if Yonghwa has Where You Are as evolution of In My Head then Jonghyun has Come On for Get Away.
My fellow boice often asking, whose your bias in CNBLUE? I don’t know and I never think about it. But when I really thinking, it seems that my bias has change everytime.
Firstly I catched Yonghwa sung Because I Miss You for his late father in Heartstrings, I just melted and adore him so much. Then one day, I watched their Bluestorm live concert where I spotted Jungshin sung You’ve Fallen For Me, thought that’s funny and I turn into him. And so, the moment I catched Jonghyun with his old song, I drop Jungshin and run into him. But then again, because I watched their fans tour where Minhyuk sung Teardrops In The Rain and Jungshin sung Let’s Go Crazy, I leave Jonghyun and go to them both.
Eventually I’m thinking, no matter whose my bias is, I just can say that I love their musical sound that’s all. I love them as 4, as CNBLUE.

And here is the song that me crazy these days.


No one ever sees
No one ever feels
Teardrops in the rain

I wish upon the star
I wonder where you are
I wish you’re coming back to me again
And everything’s the same like it used to be

I see the days go by
And still I wonder why
I wonder why it has to be this way
Why can’t I have you here just like it used to be

I don’t know which way to choose
How can I find a way to go on
I don’t know if I can go on without you

Even if my heart still beating just for you
I really know you are not feeling like I do
And even if the sun shining over me
How come I still freeze
No one ever sees
No one ever feels the pain
I shed teardrops in rain

I wish I could fly
I wonder what you say
I wish you’re flying back to me again
Hope everything’s the same like it used to be

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