Today is bright and shiny and there, near M’s studio, M and T having their lunch which is interrupted by Mary’s call.
“I need someone for my new advert, can you recommend ones for me? Ah, the better can I see you? I need an advise from expert.” Mary said.

‘Well, I’ll see you in my office after lunch, I’m outside now.’ Replied M shortly.

T, who sat next to M smiled seeing M hang up the phone and continue eating.

‘What?!’ Asked M when smiled did not leave T’s face when frequently look at him.

T just shrugged his shoulders, still smiled eventually saying,

‘You’d better take her for dinner or at least a cup of coffee instead of office flat meeting.’

M raised his face, looking directly into T’s eyes with kind of surprise,

‘For what?’

T rolled his eyes heard M’s question.

‘What for?! You don’t know?’

‘You say,’

T put his cutlers down and gazing at M’s face without saying anything. And when M gazing back at him, T looking directly into M’s dark brown eyes, x-raying it.

‘She’s fancy you and you reckon that you don’t know it?’ T said in low voice.

M did not answer but starting eating, avoiding T to gaze at him.

‘You know it for so long but you just pretending.’ T went on.

‘Then you see Mary later,’

T look at M with confuse mimic by sudden change of topic. M explained T what Mary had told him on her last call.

‘I don’t wanna see anyone you don’t like me to see.’ Conclude M.

Once again T put his cutlers and piercing M’s eyes. He took a deep breath and said slowly, still in low voice.

‘I never trying or willing to keep you under my wings. You aren’t my pet I should put in the cage. You still have your freedom about how or what you wanna. Don’t make me feel worse and guilty about limited people you can see. I don’t like that.’

‘I didn’t, I didn’t mean, I just, well, I’m sorry,’

T just smile as he took his lemon juice,

‘I’m done, no need to see me tonight ’cause I’ll be busy.’

He stood up and leave while M saying,

‘You know I’m sorry, really.’

T did not respond but continue takes step and walk away. M takes deep breath as he set his eyes on T’s figure who walk outside the restaurant untill its figure vanish.

After a minute M laughing himself, T’s voices echoing on his head. Then his thought goes into Mary, the one he knows for so long, as long as he keep his secret. He feels sorry and regret at the same time but he still has no idea how to start this conversation, Mary never reveal what does her feeling toward him yet M knows exactly because he feels the same way Mary is for somebody else.

Ah…. Why are loves so complicated?

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note : to see the casts, read love is one of the kind, character description.