In one silent night
None but shadowy figure
Silhouette in doubt
Stepping forward through the misty dead moon
Why is there no light?
The little spark was extinguished
Fire never be

Would you like me to see?

You know nothing can’t stop me anymore
‘Cause only one stage in my life
Place for me to shine
Even I have to shed tears
And drenching by sweats

Would you like me to be?
A coward?
Or a knight?

You know I can fight for everything
‘Cause giving up brings nothing
That only in my head
Even though torn in blood
And scratch in pain

In one lonely night
Nothing but the darkness
Singing in silence
Whispering through the velvety blackness
Why is there now way out?
The boulevard turn into a dead-end
The road of despair

Above there
The little of sparkling light
In one silent night

posted by @tara_lee26