The night has reached in depth
There she is in silence
Has found nobody but her shadow
Where are all people gone?

So she shouted to the night sky
What happening with me?
Why they are all leave me in ocean of doubt?
Give me nothing but loneliness

The dawn is about to approaching
There she is in vigil
With nobody but herself
Does she has nobody?

She stare at the blackness
What happening with the starlight?
Why they are all vanish away?
Leave me none but the darkness

But she refuse to stop by
Instead of keeping her feet on
Steadily yet the road has no end
And the sky still wide
She denies the tears to cry
Instead of holding her smile on
Although it never been easy
She quit moaning and made the life by her own hand

She can’t choose how her life will be
She has to make a first step
And keep on until very last
She isn’t heroine but a reality

posted by @tara_lee26

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