It seems that I leave my home too long already. but once i make come back posting I did it with quite long article. I love that story and for the reason I compile it. for my special day today.

Beloved Brotas, I love you!!!! I wonder to visit you before I come home, kkkk.

I’d like to thanks to my dear who let me have such a wonderful month (I know it just the way for you to cherish me, ) and let me stay away from my daily routines for a little bit.

Mum and Dad who made call last night (and wondering where their daughter is) I’m sorry for being cold and distance, I didn’t mean but that’s I think my real personality, didn’t I too inherit in you two precisely?

To the unexpected guest friends, if only anyone knows with who I was celebrated the party last night, then I can guarantee if I still be alive today, (lol)

To Yuki, Hana and Akira, ah also Yui, thanks for being my guide and willing to come to accompany us for CNBLUE’s concerts, I know its hard for you all but you still in, thank you very very much!!!

To all of my friends, in the sites, blog, facebook, twitter, and many of my social media sites, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your wishes.

Not forgetting to my beloved fans, thanks to come last night, thakns for the real candlle flame (its been 3 years I always using the fake one), and thanks for the eishes and presents. It’s meke me realize more that I’m not only the girl who sitting behind, but also part of his family.



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