Walking down the lonely street
When the dream slip
And none can find in their sleep
It’s when the dawn is cracking
And the crossroad is completely empty

Calling out from the ocean of fears
When the faith is gone
And everyone hardly bring it back alive
It’s when the wind blowing and swept all the dream away

Walking down in the silent of daybreak
When the voice is singing
And a hand raised in waving
As though lovingly asking
So, why are you crying??

The light of the night
Soaring through the lonely sky
Embracing the shadow
A vivid picture standing next to the sea
As the moon peeping through the skyline
And walk away with its beauty
The vigil night,,,
In whisper


2 thoughts on “IN WHISPER

  1. I loved the narrative aspect, littered with celestial references. But at the base of it is a soul and a character. I am just re-reading Haurki Murakami’s After Dark these past couple of weekends, and reading this is both an apt punctuation and a refreshing break. Yours has a kind of gentle optimism and a capacity to see the beauty in the change from night to day. So it’s easy on the heart. 🙂

    • oh thank you 🙂
      i think my charracter is narrative style. I love night time especially after midnight when everyone gone to their dream.
      Btw I’m interest with the book you just mentioned 🙂
      well, welcome to my home, blue plum blossoms, please take look around and enjoy 🙂

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