The most anticipated and CNBLUE’s first national large-scale tour has begun. October 2nd will be the lead for 9 shows who visiting 6 big cities across Japan with exiting, fun, enjoyable and of course unforgettable journey.
Strong intro of Come On lead the boys performances entitled CNBLUE ARENA TOUR 2012 COME ON who finally kicked off on October 2nd, took place at Nippon Gaishi Hall NAGOYA . Followed by Get Away and Just Please respectively. Hey You lead the Korean single which then they sang Intuition and Love.

The boys cooling down the heat with ballad numbers such as Eclipse, Y,Why and Feeling. Of course not to forget those brand new releases, Have a Good Night, Wake Up, No More, Blue Sky. The heat down in lowest level when Teardrops In The Rain echoed, in fact tha also funniest time in set.
The heat begun hopping once more when fierce number, Where You Are, One Time, Time is Over were played. Unexpectedly a.ri.ga.tou was not enlisted and it was Kimio who conclude the show while encore set lists were In My Head, Love Girl and Love Revolution.

During talking time, actually they were talking a lot especially Jonghyun. It was opposite with their last show in London where Jonghyun became the most quite member. Jonghyun also mentioned that they just recharged their spirit of rock in London and devoted their full rock energy to the tour. Yonghwa said Boices in the venue were lucky able to see their first stop. Meanwhile, Jungshin shared his thought about what he did recently by saying ‘I did practice everyday and drama filming both in the same time! So Boice please cheer us till the end ’cause we will do music forever!!!’ and Yonghwa replied, Jungshin went to bed in almost 6.00 in the morning.
The most highlight of the show of course the ad-lib’s song which Yonghwa made spontaneously on the stage. So for Nagoya first day was Hitsumabushi song.

The show extended one more night. The show it self was like the first day besides Yonghwa put sticker tattoo on his neck and Jungshin’s name sticker tattoo on his left chest, directly against his heart. When Jungshin saw it, he asked Yonghwa, ‘Yonghwa, do you love me?’  Nagoya second days ad-lib song was tebasaki which were Jonghyun and Minhyuk really love with.
The tour then moved into the Northern Japan,NIIGATA . Took place at Niigata Tokki Messe Arena, the night of excitement starting once again. Set list was the same with an exception was These Days who gave Boices surprise.
In the middle of the show, Boices notice the was keyboard on the stage. And there he was, Yonghwa played that keyboard for piano solo on Feeling and stayed for These Days. Suddenly the boys deliver a new atmosphere to the venue jazzy live show featuring husky sweet mellow voice of the leader.

They brought back the rock sound via Have a Good Night while Yonghwa danced on his way and Jonghyun followed awkwardly with keep playing his guitar. The heat keep up still during Wake Up and No More.
Took the heat away, the boys transform into gentle vocal group while singing Blue Sky, then Niigata ad-lib song was Koshihikari. Followed by Teardrops in The Rain. Voice brought back the atmosphere into normal.

Jonghyun rearranged his solo part on With Me and Jungshin sang the chorus, during rap in One Time, he also did it very powerful voice.
Next stop was OSAKA 1st Day which held at Osaka Castle Hall. And the most highlight of today was definitely Jungshin’s new haircut! Which was also become the ad-lib song. The set list was added Tattoo, Yonghwa danced quite many in his own way, he also suggest to the other to dance along. Jungshin definitely but Jonghyun, he looked pretty awkward. Even Yonghwa said it’s looked like aerobic!
During ad-lib song Jonghyun said Jungshin wasting himself by cutting off his hair. While Jungshin said he has same hairdo with Yonghwa and Yonghwa replied, “then why do you do so?” Shockingly Minhyuk sang that Jungshin’s new hairdo didn’t cooler than before.

Just like Nagoya, the boys extend one more night for the show, OSAKA 2nd Day. Another suscessful show on that night concluded by surprising and unexpectedly with double encore, Kimio and a.ri.ga.tou! And as always ad-lib song who they sang Takoyaki song. While singing that song, Minhyuk sang that Takoyaki is twin with Jungshin (tako means octopus) and Jungshin resemble it with hand gesture and facial expression. Jonghyun seemed so thouch with the whole show, both their performances and Boice responses so then after Kimio the decided to play one more song and it was A.ri.ga.tou.

Arena tour continue, the next visit was  HIROSHIMA Green Arena. Although there was their first visit, the boys could enjoy the stage as usual, as though they had many experienced in that place. Unfortunately, nothing new about their performances, the just like usual, energetic, fun, serious and passionate. So then, the highlight still ad-lib song who took Okonomiyaki as theme. Unexpectedly they sang reggae style!! The boys indeed talented.

The great cheer moved to SIZHUOKA . It was really nothing to write according to their performances actually. Yonghwa still wild, always full of energy and he was the one who keep moving around the stage the most. He knows how to stirred up the heat and communicate with audiences. Jonghyun more talkative and he spoke most among the member, his solo part also mesmerizing. Sometimes he makes improvement by rearrange his solo guitar. Jungshin just like another Yonghwa, he moved a lot too, even sometimes he came down from the stage, causing a little chaos yet he keep playing peacefully. Minhyuk, even though he always sat at the back but he never lose his way to charm the audiences. He often spin his drumstick, then when they are four gather together, Minhyuk was the one who received the most audiences applause.

And Shizuoka ad-lib song was about unagi, green tea and mount Fuji. Jonghyun’s ad-lib acoustic guitar was so cool and the whole song was breezy.
Brings the tour to an end it was Saitama Super Arena who held two days. Unfortunately, the first day show seems that Jonghyun’s voice not well enough. His voice more husky and often lower down his singing notes part.
Just like usual, the show was begun along with Yonghwa’s shout “Come On” and the curtain fell down. At once Boices screamed out, the heat flew with intense and fierce music of Come On. At that night Yonghwa shouted “Saitama!!” quite many even Jonghyun often jump with full of excitement. The boys enjoy the stage very much.
Again, Yonghwa sang Feeling with keyboard instead of guitar. It was touching when Yonghwa’s sweet mellow husky voice echoed in silent. He sang Feeling passionately and tenderly, Boices seem stunning by his voice and in the venue just like no other voice but his.

During Blue Sky, Boice clearly hear Minhyuk’ mellow voice. And  SAITAMA 1st Day show ad-lib was gyudon song. As wrote above Yonghwa really had full of excitement, he danced well (actually amusing, especially when he shook his hip!) and taught Jungshin and Jonghyun how to move. Jungshin was able to follow what Yonghwa want but Jonghyun was (as always) poor and weird in all dance steps.
At Kimio, Jonghyun’s unwell voice covered by his excitement and during outro four of them playing as though they run to catch each other!! Their playing were epic!!!!

SAITAMA, FINALE were conclusion for whole tour that started on October 2nd at Nagoya. It was also great finale cheers in all set! As the venue began to dimmed and shouted of  “Come On ” roared, the fire started to take the breath out. Jonghyun’s voice seemed recover , he captivated Boices with his reliable guitar solo skill and nonstop fierce first songs quite enough to drain all the power. Ballad numbers lead the atmosphere into the breeziness. Yonghwa once again showed off his ability in other instrument instead of guitar, he played Feeling very tender and passionately.

Vocal group and ad-lib song still the most anticipated in this show. Where every of each member showed off their ability in singing, especially Minhyuk and Jungshin who had less vocal while recording. Ad-lib’s song theme for today show was convenience store in which they said looked like a heaven because everything is storage. they also mentioned and replayed another ad-lib’s song they played previously. Another fun time, exciting night but also the last.

Many faces of CNBLUE were rveal during the 9 shows, they can be an outstanding rock star, vocal group, comedian, entertainer, also dancer!! The boys know how to reunite the whole venue, so the atmosphere incredible cool. The boys  and Boices just one!


*Author’s Note*

This only the highlight of the 9 shows, the detail will be posted separately since too long to be posted in one.

Rough Translation and Summaries Credit go to Yuki, Hana, Akira and Yui.

Wrote, Edited and posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo credit FNC Ent

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