Nagoya live first day started by Come On and continued by Get Away and Just Please while Korean numbers were Hey You, Intuititon and Love. Ballad numbers sent the venue into the romantic scene, the moment Jonghyun sang Eclipse and Yonghwa’s sweet falsetto on Y,Why and Feeling. Brand new released brought another scene, party time with Have a Good Night, Wake Up and No More. Fun time was the next while they sang Blue Sky, ad-lib’s song and Teardrops in The Rain. Let the fire burned once more when the start playing fierce numbers, Where You Are, One Time and Time Is Over which was the last song.

Encore led by In My Head, Love Girl and Love Revolution and concluded with Kimio! Such an epic conclusion.
Jonghyun,  “we just recharged our spirit of rock in London and we will devoted  full rock energy to this tour”.

Yonghwa said Boices in the venue were lucky able to see their first stop.

Meanwhile, Jungshin shared his thought about what he did recently by saying, “I did practice everyday and drama filming both in the same time! So Boice please cheer us till the end ’cause we will do music forever!!!”

And Yonghwa replied, “Jungshin went to bed in almost 6.00 in the morning”.

Ad-lib’s song was short and told how delicious Hitsumabushi is “Hitsumabushi what a delicious food”. In this show Yonghwa started to shown his ability to dance, he often suggest Jonghyun, “you got to move this way”.
Nagoya second day was the same with first day. Just the same set list and same entusiasm.
“Hey guys did you come yesterday?” asked Yonghwa while the koor of the Boices replied ‘yes’, Yonghwa laughed and said, “well then we don’t played anymore ’cause today’s set lists just the same as yesterday. We are only change our clothes!!
Jonghyun shared his desire to play another instrument by saying, “I wanna play piano for These Days next time. I use piano too to made the song.” He also asking fans regarding his new haircut, “I cut off my hair, how is it? Cool isn’t it?” and when fans replied ‘yes it is so cool.’ Jonghyun looked pleased himself and grinned when he said, “yeah, I think so.”
Finally Yonghwa said, “Let’s make a good live together, this place is Arena and Zepp! Let’s rock forever!!”

*Author”s Note*

Sorry I didn’t cover both Nagoya 1st and 2nd day well. I was lost Nagoya 1st day note and on the 2nd day I was unwell so didn’t wrote any notes just simply sitting with the stars in my head. And by the time I wrote this summaries I already forgot the whole scene 😦 (blaming my bad memory). This rough summaries based from rough translation done by Yuki.

Rough translation and summaries by Yuki

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo Source Fncmusicjapan@twitter


2 thoughts on “NAGOYA

    • it’s my pleasure to share with other boices, besides it was my first experiences to followed them on big venues. I only seeing them on street and cafe before.
      Anyway, I’m still working to summarizing the other 7 shows, just wait n updating my blog 😉

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