The venue began to dimmed altogether Come On intro and exploded of fireworks to start another show that night. The boys as usual wore rough clothes, Yonghwa’s red wine T-shirt which he rolled up its sleeves. Jonghyun wore dark printed T-shirt and he seemed not shaved that night with very short hair, Minhyuk’s white printed cute yellow character, he looked cute yet cool at the same time. Jungshin transform into Harajuku boys with black and white long sleeve T-shirt and old-school design short combined border legging.
Yonghwa seemingly excited right from the start of the show yet the other boys too.

Just Please present their rock live style and Yonghwa said, “Niigata let’s rock till the end!”
While Jonghyun asked to Jungshin, “are you ready?”
Again, Yonghwa shouted “I love Niigata” and danced on his way during Hey You.
“Do you know the next song?” then he asked Jonghyun’s Boices side to say ‘clap, clap, clap’ and Jungshin’s Boices side to say ‘love, love, love’ he even taught how to sing rap percussion. In the middle of the song Yonghwa approached Jonghyun and the exchanging wiped their chin’s sweat out!

And as usual they introduced themselves. Yonghwa said, “hello,” while another member said altogether, “we are CNBLUE!”
Yonghwa went on saying, “this is the third time we are visit Niigata.”
“I’m flew alone to get here, ” said Jungshin.
And Jonghyun simply asking Boices, “guys, do you enjoying the show?”
Repliying Boices answer of Jonghyun’s question, Yonghwa said, “you do? But now we will change the atmosphere.”
It was then, Y,Why led the changing. Jonghyun guitar solo brought another scene of CNBLUE.

Niigata to be the first step for Yonghwa played piano for Feeling and These Days. During first verse of  Feeling, while Jonghyun and Minhyuk busying themselves, there only Jungshin who watched Yonghwa fully attention with arms crossed.
“Ahh what a nice song.” said Jonghyun as soon as they finish sang it.
“Jonghyun, your song is outstanding.” Commented Minhyuk.
“Thanks. This is our first time played These Days, how was your feeling? Good? I’m happy.” Said Jonghyun.
“Yonghwa’s piano was incredible too.” Said Minhyuk praising Yonghwa.
Again, they mentioned about London live to start the party time which was led by Have a Good Night. Jungshin shown off his modelling charm and together with Yonghwa he shouted ‘Niigata!’ Yonghwa approached Jonghyun and both of them danced together with Jonghyun still playing his guitar.

Yonghwa shouted “hashire!!” (same like make some noise). Yonghwa and Jungshin moved to reach the runaway while Jonghyun struggle with his guitar electrical code. Jonghyun had tried to come to Jungshin’s side but his code just to short to be hold and running around the stage. He try to pulled it off but almost in vain. Giving up on that, he said using Jungshin’s mic stand instead, ” guys from now on, lets rocking more, are you ready?!?”

Yonghwa came down to the runaway while sang No More with head mic and Jungshin even went down to the audiences floor causing Boices rushed around him yet he kept playing his bass.
Heating off the venue was Blue Sky, boys left their instruments and turn to be like real vocal group. In Blue Sky, every each of them had solo part and their brotherhood shown when Yonghwa and Jonghyun encouraging Jungshin in his solo by sang as backing vocal.
“Thank you,” said Jungshin as they finished sing the song.
“It was fun,” commented Yonghwa.
“But embarrassing,” said Jonghyun, then said to Yonghwa, “keep on running now.”
Four of them sat on the chair at the center stage while discuss about ad-lib song.

“We were thinking how to use this center and runaway stage. Finally it’s the one who occurring. I guess this will be the first and the last, so, guys you’re lucky ’cause it feels embarrassing to sing a song without instrument.” Explanied Jonghyun.
“My today’s theme is fashionista,” said Jungshin.
“Well, you’re in chief.” Replied Yonghwa.
“Jungshin, you embarrassed, don’t you?” Asked Jonghyun.
“What’s Niigata local cuisine?” Asked Yonghwa.
“Koshihikari,” replied Jonghyun.
“We went to onsen and ate Onsen tamago.” Yonghwa told what the had done during off show.
“Envious!!” Responded Jungshin. He was the one who left behind due to his drama filming.

“We were sung Hitsumabushi and Tebasaki song at Nagoya, so today is a Koshihikari song.” Said Yonghwa. Actually, Yonghwa made mistake when mentioned Koshihikari and said Hisashiburi (means Long time no see) instead. And Jungshin made it as a reason to teased Yonghwa so many times.

Yonghwa wandering around the center stage with Jonghyun’s acoustic guitar sound only.

‘Niigata, there are onsen, ooh I love but I like the most koshi, koshi, koshihikari. CNBLUE loves the most it still ko, ko, koshi, koshihikari.’
“Minhyuk, what’s your favourite?” Asked Yonghwa.
Then with a little embarrassing Minhyuk sang, ‘Me too, I love koshihikari.’
They were continue the idol session by sang Teardrops In The Rain.

Jonghyun and Minhyuk quite fun and enjoying themselves during Voice while there another ‘monkey’ on the stage, it was Jungshin. He running around the runaway without even losing energy! He sang With Me chorus part well and Jonghyun guitar’s rearranged a little bit.
“Oh what an amazing day today! I was fascinated by you all responses. You all was the reason why we’re be here today. I wanna keep making a good live together with you guys. Then let’s do it!” Said Jonghyun.
“We wanna keep playing music!” Added Yonghwa.
“We were quite busy recently but that’s okay. I prefer to the busy days though. We’re still young so we don’t wanna stay in one direction only. 20 years, 30 years even on the next 40 years we’ll keep playing music.” Jonghyun shared his dearly wish.
“It’s love chu-nyu,” said Jungshin parroted Japanesse gag with kissing the mic.
“Today is exactly 3 years since I have debuted already, lucky me! Then gonna rock again!!!” Shouted Yonghwa.
Where You Are started by Minhyuk’s spinned drumstick and again Jonghyun’s tapping play rearranged a little. Jungshin took the lead who asked Boices to say ‘Ho…!’ on On Time with too much distortion effect in intro. Jungshin’s rapping part as always was indeed powerful. Jonghyun also jumped.
“Do you enjoying?” Asked Yonghwa to Jonghyun who looked too excited.
“Not enough yet,” replied Jonghyun. Yonghwa run to the runaway and sang Love Girl at the center stage while Jungshin’s chopper solo was really cool.

Yonghwa and Jonghyun played guitar side by side at Love Revolution.
“Ahh time flew fastly, I’m really happy today. You’re all great indeed so we will come again in some near time.” Promised Jonghyun. And he went on, “from now on let’s make plenty good lives! Please sing along with me.”
And Niigata Tokki Messe live ended up with chaotic drum bass and both guitar of Kimio while Boices choir for its chorus.


  • Koshihikari:
    Often called sushi rice, koshihikari is a short grain rice produced by the milling of specially cultivated koshihikari paddies. The flavour is slightly sweet and the grain has an off-white colour. Commonly used for making sushi, the texture of this type of rice is soft, and the glycaemic index is relatively low in comparison to other varieties of rice, as Koshihikari rice has a high amount of resistant starch meaning it’s broken down slowly in the body raising blood sugar levels slowly.

*Author”s Note*

I do feel like writing a novel when I typed this down cause it’s indeed along article. Big thanks, hug and kiss to Hana who did really great job in translating and summarizing who almost perfect to describe what had happen that night. Professional one is always different 🙂 Anyway, it was no surprise cause you focus on your notes rather than enjoying the show, CNBLUE’s music is too noisy for your ears.

Rough translation and summaries by Hana

Wrote, Edited and Posted by blue plum blossoms

Photo Source Fncmusicjapan@twitter CNBLUE Boice Japan

External Link thefoodcoach  wikipedia 


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